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Categories: Process Management
04/29/2018, 3:15 AM by Rollbase Labs

The Approvals application installs sequential and parallel approval process capabilities into your account. Once installed, to enable approval capabilities for a given object, follow these steps:

1. First plan your approval process
2. Mark one or more users as "Approvers" (use the checkbox on the User edit page. If you don't see it, use the Page Editor to add that field to the User edit page).
3. Enable the "Workflow" attribute on your object.
4. Enable the "Approval" attribute on your object.
5. Create a Workflow Action for approving records. You will see a new type of action available when creating a Workflow Action that allows you to select: sequence of approvers, an email template (edit template as needed), and type of approval process (sequential or parallel).
6. Assign this new Workflow Action to one or more Workflow Statuses so users can start the approval process at appropriate stages in your workflow.

Now, as soon as a particular record is in the "Ready for Approval" status, users with sufficient approval permissions can invoke that action to start the approval process. This will trigger an email to the first user on the approvers list (or to all of them in the case of parallel approval process). Assigned approvers can then approve or reject the record.

Once all approvers approve a record it will be moved to  in "Approved" status. If any one of the approvers rejects the record, it will be moved intp the "Rejected" status. Meanwhile it will always stay in the "Approval in Progress" status until the process is completed. You can associate triggers and additional workflow capabilities with approval processes as necessary.

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Bug Tracking System
Categories: Engineering,Support
06/10/2018, 11:16 PM by Rollbase Labs

The Bug Tracking System provides a central location for you and your team to store, track, manage and report on bugs, enhancements and feature requests related to any of your development projects. Bugs can be assigned to one or more users and can be routed through a workflow process with optional email alerts. Several pre-configured charts are included giving you a real-time view of bugs based on status and priority.

As with any Progress Rollbase application you can customize and extend the Bug Tracking System to meet the needs of your organization. In addition, once installed this application will automatically be integrated with all of your other Progress Rollbase applications. For example, it is easy to convert customer support requests or trouble tickets from other Rollbase applications into Bug records in the Bug Tracking System.

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Class Management
Categories: Employee Management
Tags: HR, Learning Management, Training Management, Course Management
01/22/2018, 5:11 AM by Rollbase Labs

The Class Management application offers a simple, yet affective approach to class management. The Application allows users to track all aspects related to a class, including instructors, locations, and courses. Classes are automatically archived once the class date and time passes.

The Application also includes a fully functioning external portal. The portal allows class attendees "Registrants" to create a profile and view the list of current classes sorted by course. Registrants can automatically register for these courses and a history of their selected classes is displayed on their profile.

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Company Manager
Categories: Finance
05/15/2019, 9:22 AM by Rollbase Labs

The Company Manager application is designed to allow you to manage company related information, such as departments and locations. The application, allows you to keep track of the company structure and provide fast and accurate reports when needed.

Changes to your company structure can be easily recorded within this application. Additionally, the application allow you to keep track of positions and related information. Providing headcount information by location or department is no longer a painful task. You can even impress management by creating portals they can access to see up to date charts.

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Categories: Sales,Support
Tags: customer management, relationship management, database, customer
05/15/2019, 8:35 AM by Rollbase Labs

The CRM application includes all the core functionality required of a basic customer relationship management system by providing a central place for all of your sales, marketing, and support representatives to access and manage customer Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities.

Also included in the CRM application is a Leads portal which you can embed into your website to accept lead submissions from visitors to your website. Configure as many different leads portals and pages as you want to manage all of your marketing campaigns. Lead records can easily be converted into Account records as needed by using standard conversion mapping functionality.

As with any other Infinite Blue application, CRM can be fully customized and extended to meet the needs of your organization.

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Document Library
Categories: Document Management
Tags: documents, library
05/15/2019, 8:35 AM by Rollbase Labs

The Document Library application is a simple yet powerful application that allows users to store documents. Additionally, documents can be accessed publicly via a built in web portal.

Documents available on the portal are controlled by two parameters. They must be in the Active status and the check box "Available on Portal" must be checked. These controls allow the user to store internal documents. A tab displaying the portal has been included with this application to give users easy access to what is seen by the public.

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Employee Management
Categories: Employee Management
03/29/2018, 4:25 AM by Rollbase Labs

The Employee Management application provides an employee profile tool that can help companies maintain up to date contact and resume information for employees. This application comes equipped with a portal that allows employees to create and maintain profiles.  

A tab with the portal has also been included in the application. This will allow application users to easily access the portal for validation.

The Employee Management application also includes a personal time off request module that allows employees to submit and track their time off request. There is also an asset management tool that allows you to track assets assigned to each individual employee.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Categories: Support
04/23/2018, 1:16 PM by Rollbase Labs

The FAQ application allows users to quickly and easily record frequent questions and their respective answers. Questions can be categorized using a customizable category list.

The FAQ application also comes with a built in portal that allows external users to view FAQs by category. Only FAQs in the "External" Status will be displayed in the portal. This functionality allows users to create an FAQ and save it as a "Draft" if they need more time to work on it or simply save it as an "internal" FAQ, which is viewable to system users only.

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Categories: Support
04/23/2018, 1:22 PM by Rollbase Labs

The Forums application offers a simple and effective method for managing group discussions. Regardless of what product or industry you are in you can deploy the forum portal in a matter of minutes to start discussions amongst your customer community. Customer forums allow companies to passively survey actual customers and identify industry trends. Anyone can create a subscriber record and submit a new topic or a reply to existing topic or comment from other users. System administrators have unlimited access to all topics and comments regardless of who created the record. This allows administrators to act as moderators of the forum. Additionally, you can sign up for RSS feeds of new topics and/or comments to have access to updated content on the go.

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Help Desk System
Categories: Engineering
02/07/2018, 1:29 AM by Rollbase Labs

The primary aim of the Help Desk system is to provide an effective way of communication to log a work request(can also be termed as a ticket, call or case), track the progress of it and resolve it as early as possible. The Rollbase Help Desk system provides company employees to raise a work request for their day to day problems. Problems can be with respect to hardware, software, any internal system/application. It can also be a request for some information or any object needed. IT-HelpDesk department is defaulted to receive the work request from where they can re-direct it to appropriate work group or solution providers. Any file attachments can be added to the work request. Everyone who is involved in a particular work request will be updated via email notifications about the status, priority, impact and other events occurred on the work request.

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Categories: Support
04/23/2018, 1:22 PM by Rollbase Labs

The Ideas application is designed to enhance the management of product enhancement requests. This application is designed to engage your end users in the design stage of your product by submitting unique ideas that spring up from their own use / implementation of your product. The Ideas portal allows anyone to create a subscriber record and submit new ideas. Ideas contain a detailed description and screen shot (if applicable). Once submitted, Ideas are available to other subscribers who can in turn promote an idea, by submitting their votes, or simply submit a general comment. Votes are totaled for each idea and used to identify popular ideas. Companies can use the popularity of an idea when considering whether or not to implement an idea. System users will be able to document releases and the specific ideas that are delivered in each release. This release history is also available to portal users.

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Indian Money Exchange Request Application
Categories: Document Management
08/18/2017, 6:15 PM by Rollbase Labs

This application is to support Demonetization and help users to fill the data online & electronically generate  PDF document for submitting in the banks. So this is the key activities that all banks have to do is to accept the demonetised currency and provide appropriate exchange. This submission comes with daily limits and forms that have to filled to meet regulatory compliances. If you are an institution required to enable the currency exchange, you may need a system immediately that can enable the submission of such forms by customers. If the customer is able to do this by themselves, you will be able to save a significant time digitizing all the paper work. Manually maintaining all the forms, then entering the details in IT systems is an error prone activity that adds little value for the banks. 

The application currently stores all its data in public cloud but the system provides capability to connect with any backend system or database using Progress DataDirect. Enabling it for your own use is as simple as creating an account on cloud and activating the template with a single click.

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Infinite Blue
Categories: Miscellaneous
06/13/2019, 7:01 AM by Rollbase Labs

This is the default application that comes with your account when you first signup for Infinite Blue Platform. Here you can manage Meetings and To-Dos in the standard list view format as well as in the Infinite Blue Calendar. You will also find tabs for managing Users and Reports. The Setup tab contains all of the Administration features for managing your account including settings, billing, user and role-based permissions, as well as all of the Application creation and customization tools that are used to create, customize, extend and manage your Infinite Blue applications and environment.

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Categories: Miscellaneous
04/29/2018, 3:25 AM by Rollbase Labs

The iRollbase application is a good starting point for Progress Rollbase developers. This application provides an immediate and easy to use solution for some common issues related to information sharing. The iRollbase application allows users to create and share messages, FAQs, links and documents. A portal is included with this application to enable external sharing. Statuses are used to determine if items should be shared externally or not.

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Kanban Task Manager
Categories: UI Widgets
04/29/2018, 3:18 AM by Rollbase Labs

This app is a Kanban implementation for creating and managing tasks. It has a typical kanban dashboard that supports drag & drop, creating tasks etc. It also integrates with Rollbase out of the box calendar component to show the Tasks. This is a nice example of the possibilities of UI customizations in Rollbase. This app can be used as a template to further enhance and add specific requirements.

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Knowledge Base
Categories: Support
04/23/2018, 1:23 PM by Rollbase Labs

The Knowledge Base applications provides a low maintenance knowledge management tool. Creating a new knowledge article takes only seconds. Users will have the ability to publish articles to an external portal accessible to non Rollbase users. Additionally, you can tag knowledge articles as frequent questions. This allows portal visitors to generate a quick list of common question / issues without necessarily knowing key words.

The Knowledge Base application is designed to save you time and money by creating an indexed library of information.

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Order Management
Categories: Sales,Finance
03/28/2018, 9:15 PM by Rollbase Labs

The Order Management application allows you to manage a catalog of products and related information such as unit price, product details, etc. Products can have full-size pictures as well as thumbnail snapshots for easy browsing, and product information can be exported to product data sheets based on MS Word templates.

Product Quotes can be generated quickly and easily by any members of your team. The Order Management application can generate professionally formatted Quote documents via Excel and HTML templates which can be printed or emailed directly to customers.

A Product Catalog portal is also included with this application allowing you to embed an online product catalog into your website for users to browse your products and download product data sheets.

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Organization Management
Categories: Employee Management,Miscellaneous
10/18/2018, 7:05 AM by Rollbase Labs

This application is used for managing your organization's locations, departments, functions and user groups in a hierarchical fashion. All of these objects are used to not only model the structure of your organization, but to determine which specific records each of your Progress Rollbase users will be able to access. 

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Performance Management System
Categories: Employee Management
03/01/2018, 2:19 PM by Rollbase Labs

This application lets you work with your KRA and Appraisal process.

This system has the following entities :

  • Appraisee : the employee who is being assessed
  • Appraiser : the appraisee's reporting superior
  • Reviewer : the appraiser's reporting superior

KRA Cycle

  1. Appraisee fills his KRAs
  2. Appraiser accepts/rejects the KRAs
  3. Process complete

Appraisal Cycle

  1. Appraisee does self assessment by providing his actual achievements.
  2. Appraiser does his/her assessment on KRAs by providing his comments.
  3. Appraiser gives a final rating and submits to reviewer.
  4. Reviewer accepts/rejects the appraiser's rating.
  5. Process complete.

A status email shall be sent at all points to the relevant personnel.

Getting started

  1. You can get started with your KRA setting process by visiting the Appraisals tab.
  2. Add the goals and submit for appraiser approval.
  3. To edit/submit your appraisals during half-year/annual reviews, please visit the appraisal tab and use the relevant appraisal record.

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Policy Tracker
Categories: Process Management
04/29/2018, 4:29 AM by Rollbase Labs

The Policy Tracker application is designed to allow users to track policies and offenders. Violation can be cross referenced by department to help companies analyze data and make decisions. Violations are tracked by status and recorded against each employee record. Accurate records are a must when it comes to tracking company policies and offenders. This application will bring it all together allowing you to organize data and create reports or charts as needed.

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